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Blades and Diggers

3 Point Rear Angle & Tilt/Angle Blade

3 Pt. Rear Angle Blade & 3 Pt. Rear Tilt/Angle Blade

3 Point Rear Angle Blade

Rear Angle Blades are reversible for use in dragging and pushing. 1/2 x 6' high carbon blade is also reversible. Cat I hitch 2 1/4" pivot shaft. Quick angle adjustment with pull of pin, 7 forward & 7 reverse settings.

Model RA4  RA5 RA6 
Width 4' 5' 6'
3-pt hitch Cat. I Cat. I Cat. I 
HP rating 30HP 30HP 30HP
Approximate Weight 310lbs. 334lbs. 350lbs.

3 Point Rear Tilt/Angle Blade

Rear tilt/angle blades are reversible for use in dragging and pushing, 1/2" x 6" high carbon blade is also reversible. Cat I & II, Quick angle and tilt adjustments. 7 forward, 7 reverse, and 7 tilt adjustments. 2 1/4" pivot shafts.

Model   RTA5 RTA6  RTA7 
Width 5' 6'  7" 
3-pt hitch Cat. I & II Cat. I & II Cat. I & II 
HP rating 40HP  40HP  40HP 
Approximate Weight 405lbs. 425lbs.  460lbs. 

3 Point Angle Blades & 3 Point Tilt/Angle Blades

RA4  $437..00 
RA5 $458.00
RA6 $479.00 
RTA5 $615.00 
RTA6 $642.00 
RTA7 $670.00

Double Blade Graders

Double Blade Graders

Double Blade Graders Light

Double Blade Graders

  • 2- 1/2" x 6" reversible cutting edges, Cat. I & II quick hitch compatible
  • Clevis hitch, replaceable / bolt on skid shoes, 18" x 72" side panels
Model Weight Price
DBG5 717lbs $1030.00
DBG6 785lbs $1090.00
DBG7 853lbs $1149.00
DBG8 921lbs $1208.00

Double Blade Graders Light

  • 12'x60" End plates, Cat I, quick hitch compatible
  • 2 -1/2"x6" reversible cutting edges
Model Weight Price
DBGLt5 396lbs $688.00
DBGLt6 432lbs $735.00

Standard Duty Box Blades

Box Blade

  • Standard Duty Box Blade has 1/4" end platesand back plates.
  • Reversible 1/2" X 6" high carbon steel cuttingedge. (front and rear)
  • Category I 3-Point Hitch. Quick Hitch Compatible.
Model BB3.5 BB04 BB05 BB06
Width 3-1/2' 4' 5' 6' 
HP Rating 20-2wd 30-2wd 30-2wd  30-2wd 
# of shanks 3 4
Rear Blades Fixed Fixed Fixed  Fixed 
Cutting Edges 1/2"x6"  Reversible 1/2"x6" Reversible 1/2"x6" Reversible 1/2"x6" Reversible
Approx. Weight 267lbs 340lbs 400lbs  460lbs

Pricing for Standard Duty Box Blades

BB3.5 $451.00 
BB04 $470.00
BB05 $506.00 
BB06 $525.00 

Landscape Rakes

The landscape rakes range from 4' to 8' and have the same heavy duty hitch as the rear blades.

Reversible for drag or puse and quick hitch compatible.

LR4 $499.00 
LR5 $513.00
LR6 $540.00 
LR7 $565.00 
LR8 $610.00

Continental Belton Post Hole Diggers

Standard Duty

ED32 & ED44



Standard Duty Pendulum Type Digger Is "Built with The Operator In Mind"

Auger sizes available are 6", 9", & 12".

ED32 digs 32" deep & is to be used with 13 to 25 PTO H.P. Tractor

ED44 digs 44" deep & fits Category I, 3-Point Hitch tractor

ED diggers have 2-1/2" steel pipe frame and a 5-year limited warranty for the 30 H.P. gearbox.


SL44A Is built rugged to last thru years of "Getting the Job Done"

Fits Category I, 3-Point Hitch tractors

Auger Sized available are 6", 9", 12", 18", 24"

Bolt-on hard surfaced edges easily removed for sharpening or inexpensive replacement on auger sized up to 12"

Crane size is 3" pipe with a 1500 pound lift capacity

The medium duty 50 H.P. gearbox has a 5-year limited warranty

Heavy duty drive shaft protected by shear pin

Optional scarifier tip for digging loose rock and caliche is available for 9" & 12" augers.


Designed for The Economy Minded User

EC044 digs 44" deep

Recommended for 6" & 9" augers

EC044 digger has a 5-year limited warranty for the 30 H.P. gearbox

2-1/2" steel pipe frame


Contact us for other sizes available at 979-200-1473.

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