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Chain & Arena Harrows

Chain Harrow

Chain Harrow

Chain Harrow Carrier

Chain Harrow Carrier

The Chain Harrows have flexible 2 way desing. Front & Back pull bars 2-7/8" x 1/4" Wall pipe. Mats are 5/8" round stock and heat treated. All pull bars and cahin splices are attched with quick links for Tangle Free Operation!

In the photo above take a look at the Chain Harrow Carrier, this is great for arenas or transporting. It's quick hitch compatible and we have one for each model of Chain Harrows. 3-point hitch and Cat. I, weight is 220 lbs.

Model CH4  CH8  CH12  CH16 
Length 4'  8'  12'  16' 
Weight 275lbs  490lbs  715lbs  920lbs 
Price $542.00 $895.00 $1264.00 $1647.00

Chain Harrow Carrier Pricing - $578.00

Arena Harrow

The Arena Harrows come in 6Ft. & 7Ft., Cat. I quick hitch compatable.

AH-6 $1293.00
AH-7 $1492.00

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