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Wondering how the SFI drum mower does in tall grass? see photos below.

We have a new color for our drum mowers, it’s the same great machine just a different color

NEW Optional Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic Lift available for the SFI Drum Mowers

Models: DM-3065 & DM-3575

$450.00 - Please call for availability 979-200-0766

See photos below with new hydraulic lift.

NEW Hydraulic Lift on SFI DM-3575

TYM T-433 and SFI Drum mower
with Hydraulic Lift

New SFI Drum Mower with Hydraulic Lift

TYM T-433 with SFI DM-3575 Drum mower
and optional Hydraulic Lift

SFI Drum mower DM-3575
with optional Hydraulic Lift

SFI Drum Mower DM-3575
with optional Hydraulic Lift

Do You Want To Cut More Hay In Less Time?

You can with the SFI Drum Mowers, it's still the same fast cutting mower but with a few improvements the curtain, the finish is now powder coated, more grease fittings.

Models and Specifications

DM-2555 55" cut 25 HP Required Weight 700 lbs cut 2-4 acres/hour $3,099.00
DM-3065 65" cut 30 HP Required Weight 885 lbs cut 2-5 acres/hour $3,299.00
DM-3575 73" cut 35 HP Required Weight 975 lbs cut 3-5 acres/hour $3,899.00

No Hydraulic Outlets Required

2 Year Warranty - Prices do not include freight charges

SFI Drum Mower DM-3575

We researched the last two years to find a drum mower that would hold up to any condition and has a 2 year warranty. SFI Drum Mowers are designed to do allot of work with very little horsepower. They are simple in design and are easy to maintain. It takes seconds to change the blades and to adjust the belt when needed. They can be used in hills or on flat surfaces. The counter rotating drums rotate up to 1,980 RPM and are very well balanced, it can take up to 2 minutes for them to coast to a stop. When you compare a drum mower to a sickle mower, you can cover more acreage per hour and you don't have to get off the tractor to unclog the mower in heavy conditions. Once you start cutting hay, mowing along a road or the banks of a pond you will soon notice your SFI drum mower cuts as fast as you can safely travel. Please call if you want additional photos or information.

SFI Drum Mower

Counter rotating drums rotate over 1,980 RPM

Watch the SFI Drum Mower!
Above is a video of the 3065 Drum Mower in action.

Note: the drum mower curtain is left off for demonstration purposes only, we suggest to use the drum mower curtain at all times for your own protection.

Albert Tucker from Clay, Alabama let's Small Farm Innovations capture video footage of the DM3065 in action. The drum mower curtain is left off during demonstration so we can show you the full effect of the drums. Please remember to always attach the drum mower curtain when in use this is for your safety and protection.

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