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Gyro Rake

The SFI vineyard rakes are designed to move material between trees, post, vines or other vertical objects where other rakes cannot. It has a special designed system that allows the rake to gently make contact with a vertical object, and rake material away from it where it can be picked up with a baler or chopper. It allows the farmer to gather all material for harvest where other rakes cannot. The SFI Vineyard rakes are perfect for those who want to get the most out of their vineyards, orchards or pine tree plantation.

GTR-55 GTR-60
Working Width (inches) 55 62.9
Transport Width (inches) 55 62.9
PTO rpm 540 540
Number of arms 8 8
Price $3,588.00 $3,681.00

Gyro Rake

Gyro Rake

MGR2220 Gyro Rake $ 3,600.00

The Gyro rake is expensive, but it has multiple functions where other gyro rakes do not. This rake is designed to rake, spread and tedder at high speeds. The purpose for the spreading or teddering functions is to spread the hay across a large area to decrease drying time. If cut hay was rained on, it can still be salvaged. Those who have high yields will find this rake more suitable than any other rake. The teddering function also aids in uniform color due to more even drying which is important to hay producers who sell high quality hay. The efficient wheel rakes SFI sells are ground driven. Some individuals who sell high quality hay prefer pto driven rakes to insure no dirt can mix with the hay.

Pine straw producers also use the gyro rake because of its ability to leave the older straw on the ground and rake the fresh to increase quality. Pine straw producers also appreciate the spreading option to remove dirt and other foreign material from the straw prior to raking.

Current Price for Gyro Rake - $3,600.00

To the left both pictures show you how easy and multifunctional the MGR2220 Gyro Rake is. By moving the lever in a counterclockwise rotation Raking, Tedding, Spreading and Transporting are all applications that the MGR2220 Gyro Rake has to offer. Now take a look at the bottom left picture the wheel height can be adjusted easily with a pin insertion. Set to your field conditions with a slip of a pin and your ready to start raking, tedding or spreading.

Specifications (Approximate) for the MGR2220:

Dimensions = L: 76 in W: 86 in H: 37 in
Working Width Tedding = 59 in
Working Width Raking = 86 in
Working speed Tedding = 8 hr
Working speed Raking = 8 hr
Tractor Required HP = 15 - 35 HP
Weight = 275 lbs
Number of arms = 4

Watch the Gyro Rake as it spreads the hay, the gyro rake can be used to tedder and rake.

BEFCO Windrower Rake

Windrower Rake 2 models 3 point & pull type

Befco's three point hitch windrower rakes, Model DRO-308 and the pull type Model DRP-308 offer high quality performance for today's farming. The Befco windrower models provide cleaner raking with less stone and dirt pickup. Accurate depth setting of tines is accomplished of infinite center spindle adjustment. Excellent windrow form is maintained even during turns due to trailing design of wheels.

The rotating tine system driven by the tractor P.T.O. makes it easy to select the most suitable speed to match crop and raking conditions. The flexible spring teeth mounted on the rotating tine arms move the hay gently into perfectly formed fluffy windrows. Built sturdy to withstand years of use, the Befco windrower comes standard with: thick wall tubular steel tines, spring steel double tines, large diameter pneumatic tires, precise track alignment, sturdy guardrail for added safety, easy tine arm removal system for narrow transport, adjustable tines for high clearance, adjustable windrow guide and a heavy duty P.T.O. shaft with ratchet clutch.

  • Heavy frame construction
  • Heavy duty shielded PTO shaft with torque limiter (1 3/8" ASAE cat. 1)
  • Tubular steel tine arms
  • Large diameter pneumatic tires
  • Spring steel double hay tines
  • Easy tine arm removal system
  • Sturdy guardrail for added safety
  • Angled tines for high clearance
  • 3 point linkage, cat. 1 or 2 or easy pull type hook up

Windrower Rakes Technical Features

Windrower rakes, for tractors with PTO 540 rpm

Model HP Hitch type Working width Weight lb # of tine arms # of Tine bars per Rotor
DRO-308 30-80 3 PT
(cat I or II)
10' 650 8 3


DR0-308 - $4,674.00

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