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Pine Straw Mulch

Why Pine Straw Mulch?

Longevity - doesn't float and wash away and breaks down more slowly, so it doesn't need to be reapplied as frequently as other mulches.

Lightweight - eaiser to handle and lighter per cubic foot than other mulches: 1 of our bales covers as much area as 30 cubic feet of most mulches!

Cost - cost per square foot competitive with other mulches!

Soil Health - breathes better, doesn't compact and allows for better water infiltration

Simple - easy to apply: just unroll and scatter by hand

Pest Free - doesn't attract termites

Plant Health - adds organic material and nutrients to soil and reduces weeds

Visually Appealing - the uniform color and fine texture of pine straw brings out the color, contrast and texture of your landscape.

Erosion Control - use where grass won't grow to hold soil

Sustainable - no harvesting of trees to produce

Zoos Use It - it's easy to clean and replace without destroying the soil in the exhibit and some animals enjoy it as bedding

Great for nests - used frequently for bird houses and nesting boxes

Pine straw mulch outperforms other mulches!

These are big round compressed bales:

They are 18 inches in diameter, 28 inches tall, and weigh approximately 40 pounds!

Do you want to handle
a bunch of these?

Or 1 of these?

Mulching does not have to be a hassle anymore when using our easy
to carry and handle Pine Straw Bales. The work will be less back breaking and you will enjoy your hard work longer because pine straw mulch does not wash away and it deteriorates slower then other mulches.

So go ahead and say Goodbye to those heavy bags of mulch and say Hello to pine straw mulch.

Remember Pine Straw Mulch can be used in your flowerbeds, garden and any type of business or residential landscaping.

Place your order today!

Here are a few of our customers we recommend:

  • Clay Alverson Lufkin, TX Timberland Pine Straw - (936) 635-3916
  • Hoffman Rhyne Benton, AL. Rhyne Farms - (334) 799-7861
  • Fletcher Thompson Blakely, GA CMT Straw - (229) 308-9534
  • Brady Dainel New Albany, MS 3-D PineStraw - (662) 266-0123
  • Charlie Morris Henderson,TX M5 - (903) 658-9498
  • Greg Sparrow Stilwell, OK Pine Straw Farms at Starr Valley - (479) 236-2268

OR you can contact us:

Phil Livengood Caldwell, TX Small Farm Innovations - (979) 200-1473

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