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Quick Hitch & Swift Hitch

Pat's Easy Change System

No other quick hitch gives you this much flexibility for all your implements!


Price List

Model # Model Description Customer Price
102 Category 1 $199.00
202 Category 2 $209.00
303 Category 3 $365.00
121 Category 1 Receiver Cat 2 Hook $209.00
221 Category 2 Receiver Cat 1 Hook $209.00
223 Category 2 Receiver Cat 3 Hook $265.00
332 Category 3 Receiver Cat 2 Hook $265.00
W102 Category 1 Weld On $145.00
W202 Category 2 Weld On $155.00
W303 Category 3 Weld on $245.00
SB Stabilizer Bar $20.00
C1-2 Pin Pins Set $5.00
C1-2 PP Washers Set $3.00

All orders are plus shipping!

  • Hook the Lift Arms to the Implement from the Tractor!
  • No changes are necessary for the tractor or implements!
  • Everything needed to install on a tractor is included in a set!


Call us today and order Pat's Easy Change System for all of your tractors 979-200-1473.

Lower the lift arms and back
into the implement

Use the bumper on the Easy Change
System to place the implement

Raise the lift arms and the spring loaded
latch will open and lock onto the implement pins


Standard Models
Have the same receiver and hook.

  • Category 1 - 102
  • Category 2 - 202
  • Category 3 - 303

Other Models
Hitch has different category receiver and hook.

Category 1 to 2 112
Cat 1 receiver with a cat 2 hook.

Category 2 to 1 221
Cat 2 receiver with a cat 1 hook.

Category 2 to 3 223
Cat 2 receiver with a cat 3 hook.

Receiver is the part that goes over the lift arm.


  • CAT 1 lift arm pins 7/8" diameter
  • CAT 2 lift arm pins 1 1/8" diameter
  • CAT 3 lift arm pins 1 7/16"

Some Good Reasons to Change

  • No changes are necessary for the tractor or implements.
  • Gives flexibility between different width implements.
  • Top link stays flexible for mowers, bushogs & other implements.
  • Accepts posthole diggers.
  • Implements not parked level are easy to hook up.
  • Installs on all lift arms with or without pull outs.
  • No adding or changing parts between implements changes.

This would make a great gift for anyone who operates a tractor because with Pat's Easy Change System it allows the operator to hook the lift arms to any implement from the tractor!

  • No more back straining or pinching fingers to position implements
  • Faster and safer hook ups and releasing of 3 point implements
  • Works on all Makes and Models of tractors and implements
  • Bought a new tractor, no problem. Just remove and install on new one

Yes, it is this simple!

Spring Loaded Latch -
Flexibility for all your implements

Flexible, Durable and Affordable

Optional Stabilizer Bar

New Model Click to Check it out!

Are you tired of having to get out of the truck to see how close you are to your trailer get back in the truck back up get out and still not even be close what you need is the Swift Hitch!

Swift Hitch® only $259.00

Includes: Weather Proof Cover, 12 Volt Charger Cable, Display Battery, 2 Storage Pouches

1 Year Limited Warranty & FREE SHIPPING

Order your Swift Hitch® Today Call 979-200-1473 or Email Us at phil@smallfarminnovations.com

Beware of cheap imitations and unauthorized dealers selling inferior products!

Swift Hitch a wireless camera system used to hitch up your enclosed trailer,
camper, snowplow, boat trailer, horse trailer or anything to your vehicle.

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