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Rodent Ridder

Rodent Ridder – Do you have GOPHERS? Get the RODENT RIDDER!

Cat I & II Clevis Hitch, Cat I & II QH Compatible
Greasable Hub & Wheel Bearings, Shank - Shear Bolt Protected,
Point - Replaceable, Jackstand, Approx. 400#

For underground placement of treated bait for gophers. The Armstrong Ag RR (Rodent Ridder) uses a 20" coulter to slice through the root & grass mat. This minimizes ground disturbances by the shank. The drop tube is attached, directly to the hopper: which eliminates spillage. Also, the hopper is attached directly to the shank & has a spill proof lid. The drive/packer wheel has a unique design allowing for better traction & lessens tunnel collapses.

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